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November 16, 2010


Soldier Girl

Oh My goodness girl you are very very generous you know that right .. miss you.


Honestly? Everytime I pick up the stamps or rub-ons, I have this overwhelming desire to create myself a "headboard" of art for my bed. (Pathetic isn't it, that I don't have a headboard? I know...) But seriously - how cute would it be to use those stamps - stamp images, use the rub-ons, the music, the frames, the birds - and make myself the most beautiful Glitz headboard collage. My bedroom is a deep gray - and all those elements would BE PERFECT. That's it. You have to pick me - because I can't wait any longer to do it.

I'm sad that you are resigning, but so excited for your journey into photography! Love you girl! xx Heidi


okay, it's not really outrageous, but the metallic rub ons look great on Luminarte ornaments. I like the music notes, they wrap completely around a small, glass ornament and are subtle, but glitzy!

Gail c

I love love love Glitz stamps. When I was a new scrapper I used them once in a scrapping mini--album class. The teacher had a few sets and we shared, but they had to stay in the class, not part of the class kit :( I so wanted a set of my own. I stocked every little scrap store around here then ordered some online. Never found the set the teacher used that day. But when I see Glitz scrap products my heart beats faster-my first love! Gotta say, the metallic rub-ons are the BEST I have ever used, love them-use them on everything.

Brenda Weaver

I'd really love to have some of those frame rub ons in a bigger size so I could put them on my walls!!! Love Glitz products. Thanks for the chance to win!


Devo essere sincera? non ho mai usato questi prodotti, qui in Italia non si trovano :o( ma ogni volta che li vedo mi fanno impazzire! vederli tutti insieme, nelle foto che hai postato, ha causato gravi danni alla tastiera del mio pc (sto ancora "sbavando" dal desiderio di possederli!) sono semplicementi i miei desideri che si materializzano, specialmente i timbri della prima foto!
grazie della incredibile opportunità

Lillian Child

This is SUCH a generous giveway! Lady Luck please be with me! I am drawn to Glitz products as they always spark my creativity! Glitz products my creations look so professional.


What a fabulous giveaway. I am a big glitz fan because there lines are always just a little unique and really capture my creative spirit.

Laura Achilles

What a fantastic giveaway! I love the vintage feel of the Glitz products!

Mandie W

Wow! Seriously what's NOT to LOVE about Glitz Designs???? Everything they make is YUMMY!!!!


I LOVE all of the Glitz Girls products cause they inspire me to scrap outside the box! The ladies that create them are the most inspiring gals I have ever met! Besides, no one squeels at the prospect of driving a golf cart like Laura does! She has the world best squeel of excitement! The stickers really adhere and stay stuck, the stamps are so kewl and the papers have a rustic, old charm that cannot be matched!

Tara McGowan

Fab!! I could have so much fun with all of this!

Kelly Massman

Glitz design products are so different from everyone else--that's why I like them! I know my answer isn't that creative--but I'm exhausted--I have a kidney infection that I failed to have diagnosed for a month. Thanks for a chance to win!

laura stewart

I love the awesome colors and distressed looks!

Cheryl Pollard

OH how exciting that you are following your dreams. I was super excited when I discovered Glitz design products. There is always something Glitzy that I can't live without. The rubons are wonderful. I've used them on paper and my favorite medium, cardboard. The stamps leave perfect impressions. Love it allllll. ms.cheryl

Ragnhild McAllister

Glitz products are funky with an edge and a lot of SPUNK. The products are versatile. You can create cool scrapbook pages with a lot of funk, but you can also create classic beauty/elegant/romantic pages. I think you have something for every style of scrapbooking there is.

Tomoko Takahashi

OMG!!!!!!! What a gorgeous giveaway!!!!!!! I love Glitz Design cause they go perfectly with my photos!!!! GORGEOUS:) LOL!!
Just kidding;0) hehe

Andrea MacDonald

What???? You can't leave. Glitz Design is so amazingly gorgeous. The colours, the style, it all makes me feel glamourous!!!

Ann Cicilie

I's just so freakin' cool that you are following your photography dream, I'm wishing you all the best!

Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in a house in a country far, far away. One of her big passions were scrapbooking, but the girl had a little problem. She just couldn't decide what style that was really her and what scrapbooking products she liked the best!

Vintage was just too, well, brown for her, she thought that products from the typical vintage companies were great to look at, but like one of her scrappy friends said at a crop, she just felt kind of depressive by looking at them. All brown, brown, brown, with a hint of beige and black.

Then she tried products from more colorful companies. She loved all the fun little figures and embellishemnts, and had a great time playing with them, until she realized that something were missing. She actually missed that little hint of the dark, the browns and beiges and blacks.

She started searching for companies that were something in between vintage and colorful. And there were plenty of them. And oh, she ran into so many wonderful and shiny things that she found great joy in. But all the time, it was like somwthing were missing. A little place in her scrappy heart that could not be filled.

Then one day something happen. She was sipping her cup of morning coffee mist and chewing on some delicous polymer cookies, surfing the internet for interesting things, when she suddenly fell in love. It hit her so hard she almost lost her breath, and her eyes started sparkling and were filled with happy tears.

Hoopla. So green and wonderful and bright. And the cake. Oh, the cake!

Scarlett. Romantic, but still crazy and wild. A polka dot sheet that made her heart bounce wildly.

Love Nest. Bright and mild colorful, like a spring day filled with love for all the new things.

The embellishments were just her taste. Overlays and all kinds of colorful vintagestuff, the cutest little stickers. The stamps were so fantastic that even she, a really-not-a-stamper-girl, knew that she had to dust off her good old Staz-On.

The girl in the house in a country far, far away was from that day a very happy girl, and every bit of her little scrappy heart were filled with joy and love.

She finished her morning coffee mist, ate her polymer cookie, and dreamed that Santa Claus would dress up as a mail man and show up on her door step somewhere in the near future, with a package just for her, containing something colorful and vintage...


I just got the know your products of a scrapevent i went last september and it was really fun to work with, i like the designs and the diversity of glitzdesign.
I'm totaly crazy about stamps, but everything rocks about glitz....


Hi my name is Louloupi french citizen ;-) Paris exactly ;-)...I've just seen your wonderful give away....!!!

I fall in love with !! You know what...It will be an awersome gift for me for christmas because I will realize a birth album for my little newborn babyhttp://www.louloupi.org/post/2010/10/01/Les-pr%C3%A9sentations-....

You can find your give away on my blog here:

I hope to be lucky...


Jennifer R

What a wonderful giveaway! I'd love to get my hands on those stamps as there aren't many stores in my area that carry Glitz stuff (boo hoo!!)

Stéphanie Pouliot

Follow your dreams... I am sure you will be so successful, you are trully amazing!
Craziest.... Why I would love to win... Trying my best to be crazy here...

Love the True & Bold Colors... First off, I would STAMP my hole house and plaster my walls with the RUB-ONS and to give an extra GLITZ & Glam I would then add BLING everywhere on top.

Or Stamp, Rub & Glitz Red Satin Sheets and have the best sleep ever!


I want to "deck" out my neck brace with some "Glitz-ness". I have been loving Glitz products and the Glitz Girls for so long. You have been a great designer and good luck in all that you do going forward. You will be missed. I would love to win this giveaway and get all artsy with my ugly, boring neck brace!


Awesome giveaway and good luck to you in your endeavors! I'm such a girlie girl and it's all about the Glitz (and pink of course). If I were to win (fingers crossed and everything else), I would use the whatever I got to redo a 60's hat box and use everything I won. Nothing as crazy as a tattoo, but it's something I've been wanting to do and Glitz would be perfect for it!

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