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September 08, 2010


Becki Stahlecker

Jennifer, Kelsie and Kyle make these backdrops come alive. Jeni the backdrops, colors and clothing you used in these photos are amazing. Beautiful pictures!!!


The model Jennifer is so gorgeous! You did a great job on the colors and captured some great angles.
<3 Christina

Kayti Lopez

My niece Jennifer makes a simply beautiful model!! However; Jeni your choice of locations, backgrounds, colors, and lighting really make the scene come alive! I get so excited every time I see you post a new picture, it feels as if I get to relive the photoshoot with you, which is an amazing feeling.

Thank you!!

Cindi Floridia

Love the work you're doing..and allowing these young men and women to be just who they are is so refreshing. The lighting, locations and colors are beyond wonderful. I'm not aware of anything quite like this 'back east', but I'm sure that once your work gets "out" there will be copycats - and how wonderful that Jennifer gets to work with 'the original'!

Lark Wiggins

These are super! Love, love, love the backdrops. Your models are amazing. It looks like you are having a BLAST! I really liked the young love pic! Good work.

Cindy Sumrow Krantz

I love your photography and backdrops. Of course, I'm a little prejudiced, but my great niece Jen is absolutely beautiful and you enhance the beauty with your backdrops. I've never seen senior pictures using your technique. They're awesome!!! You are a creative photographer!

Becky Hunter

I love the backdrops, the colors are so vibrent. I have seen some of your other photography and it is just amazing the unsual places you used and how perfect they were for the photo. You do an awesome job.

Patty Robbins

I love the pictures. Great use of color and backdrops and scenes.... The photography is amazing. Very creative and such beautiful girls... Jennifer is fantastic and a great model.


Jennifer made an awesome model. Wish we lived closer to get Tay's senior pics done. They are all amazing pictures!!!


I LOVE the prism backdrop! And your models are fantastic!

Dave Drysdale

These backdrops are great! I think you are an amazing photographer with a great eye....thanks for taking such beautiful, memorable pics of my daughter Jennifer. :)

Cindy Dennison

Wow great pictures!! The colors are great and Jennifer is BEAUTIFUL!!!


I love the colors. Often, photo sessions look so boring. These look lively. Awesome.


I'm luv'n these pics. Too bad you aren't in IL! Great job Jen.
-Veronica from Chicago

Phil Sumrow

Jeni you are a very gifted photogragher and you have done a fantastic job with these kids, especially my beautiful grandaughter Jennifer!! Never before have I seen senior pictures of this quality. The backdrops and colors are fantastic.

Dan Robbins

Great looking photos. Looking good Jennifer!

Aleah Lattin

Unbelievable photos! Those back drops are soooo unique and fun! I love the pictures of Jennifer! You have captured her amazing smile, beauty and wonderful personality! Jeni B. YOU have true talent!


The pictures are amazing. I love them!!!!!

Jessica Drysdale

You look beautiful Jennifer and I can't wait to see you here and not just online!


Pictures are so beautiful Jennifer, you are a natural at this and you have a an extremely talented photographer!! Ready to see some more pictures! Enjoy this & your senior year!!!

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