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November 12, 2009


Soldier Girl

WOW Jeni .. I seriously can see why you are going full fledge all in .. did I spell that right .. maybe not cuz umm I got the red marks and stuff .. anywho.. these are fabulous friend .. i love em .. if I had to choose a favorite .. totally daddy throwing his baby in the air ..WOW .. the moment is perfect .. love it

Jeni Boisvert

Thanks SO much Sasha!! It's a scary scary thing putting it out there, but I'm SO PASSIONate about it.....still love my paper, but it will be pushed to the back burner permanently ;) I'm just really wanting to tell the story behind those eyes ;) ♥ ya


$75 is dirt cheap for a photo shoot by you! I'd gladly pay double that and moooooore... And I guess I'd sort of have to if it was to happen, considering the distance? DANG distance. *grrr*

FAB photos. You're my fave photographer. Hands down. :)
(Well - that would maybe make it difficult, huh? So I guess you don't need to hold them down. *is very kind & considerate* ;))


Very FUN!! You did a fabulous job Jeni!! They all look so good!

Jeni Boisvert

aw Zarah you're too sweet girl. ((hugs))

Jeni Boisvert

thanks babycakes! Love you!


I'm with Zarah, I would happily pay $75 for you to make me gorgeous! LOL You are an amazing photographer girl, glad I can say "I knew her when....."

Wish you could have done Chelsea's senior pics, they stunk......bad!

Miss you cause neither of us is around BG anymore, AND I am finding it hard to believe this photo session took place on my birthday and I wasn't informed! ;-) Kidding!

Stay in touch girlie, I miss you..:-(


Oh, oh, oh....almost forgot....I took some photos today, just point and shoot, no time involved cause I got major puppy distractions (no comment :-( ), but anyway, I know this guy who is a pro and he loved several of them and is gonna help me learn! YAY!!!!!!!!

elizabeth carney

Okay I'm in Spokane WA, how far is that from you? Cause I want you to take our family photos girlie! :)

Jeni Boisvert

i think spokane is about 9 hours from me, lol but my sister lives close to you, and I'm hoping to drive up there this spring!!! :)

Jeni Boisvert

aw you're so sweet jeana! ((hugs))

elizabeth carney

Girl if you do drive up here, let me know so you can snap snap snap away! :) Well of course that is if you are willing to do that! :)

family portrait

These pictures are very beautiful, specially that family picture. They all are looking fabulous.
You have done a fantastic job here, well done.

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