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September 07, 2009



It takes a brat to know one eh? LOL *just kidding* :)
Love the photos & the layout!!

Account Deleted

great shots as usual, Jeni! :D oooh. really lovin' that one of you lyin' just off the road like that. ginormous @ss. so not!!! Happy Labor Day!

michele hamilton

dang girl you are good!!!! i recommend that everyone take jeni's photoshop class!! and if there is anyone out there that would like to meet me and my point and shoot..............just come to twin falls!!! jen, the photos are fab!!!

Jann Neiers

Two cute ladies in a yellow bugger ca-roosin to SV!....now that's having a great time...:o)
GREAT shot Jeni....glad you girls had soooo much fun!

Jeni Boisvert

lol ...... and it takes one to figure that out! OOOOOOOOOO! ♥♥♥ you girl!

Jeni Boisvert

lol ♥ ya Christine! Hope you are doing awesome!

Jeni Boisvert

thanks lis, ♥ ya! i'm thinkin' a couple more point n shoot lessons and I'll be feeling more confindent! ha! DANG i shoulda bought that darn blue rotary phone! I'm SO kickin' myself!

Jeni Boisvert

thanks Jann! You are too sweet. ((hugs))

Jen B

OMG! I love that beetle shot! Yellow beetles are my absolute fave car ever. And that picture...Priceless!!! I love the picture of you lying on the ground. Almost looks like you might be sleeping.
Love the layout too.

Michelle Nees

Jeni...your @ss is so NOT ginormous. That is an awesome pic!! I love Lisa's yellow bug. I didn't know she had one. It kinda makes me think of the yellow jeep I want. Glad you girls had fun!

Lori Renn

I've lived in ID for over four years and I've never been to Sun Valley! Love your pics. I've gotta go there!!


Jeni that looks like a super fun road trip!!! I love the pic of you on the ground! You could totally turn that into a cool Halloween pic ya know?


wonderful photography!! I always admire those that can see beauty in ANYTHING!


Soldier Girl

you stanky leg you hotshot .. Ilove the pics and your editing skills are off the CHAIN .. what you doing this weekend girl ..

and love love the new Shimmerz colors ..

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